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Word of the Day: Wakusei 惑星

14 Feb

インパクト 「あれが 惑星インパクトです。」

Ganbare Goemon - Boku Ga Dancer ni Natta Riyuu - Kira Kira Douchuu (SNES)

Word of the Day: 惑星【わくせい】 (noun) A planet.

Notes: 惑星 also forms the compound 小惑星【しょうわくせい】 (noun: asteroid).

惑 appears in several similar words relating to confusion: The nouns 惑い【まどい】 (noun: perplexity) and 戸惑い【とまどい】 (loss of bearings, confusion); the verbs 惑う【まどう】 (intransitive: to be perplexed), 戸惑う【とまどう】 (intransitive: to be perplexed), and 惑わす【まどわす】 (transitive: to perplex, confuse). 惑 also appears in the compounds 当惑【とうわく】 (noun, suru verb: bewilderment, confusion), and 迷惑【めいわく】 (noun, na- adjective: trouble, bother).

星 can be read by itself as ほし(star). It appears in words like 流れ星【ながれぼし】 (noun: shooting star), 衛星【えいせい】 (noun: satellite), and 星座【せいざ】 (noun: constellation).