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Word of the Day: Yuukyuu 悠久

15 Feb

Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou (SNES)

Word of the Day: 悠久ゆうきゅう (noun, na adjective, no adjective) Eternity, permanence.

Notes: 悠 also appears in the words 悠長ゆうちょう (na adjective: slow, easygoing) and 悠々ゆうゆう (taru adjective: quiet, calm).

久 appears in words like 久し振りひさしぶり (na adjective, no adjective: a long while), 持久じきゅう (noun, suru verb: endurance), and 耐久性たいきゅうせい (noun: durability).