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Word of the Day: Hatsumei 発明

21 Feb

Slapstick (SNES)

Word of the Day: 発明はつめい (noun, suru verb) (An) invention.

Notes: 発明 has a few derived terms: 発明家はつめいか (noun: inventor), 発明者はつめいしゃ (noun: inventor), and 発明品はつめいひん (noun: invention).

発 appears in a variety of compounds, including 発表はっぴょう (noun, suru verb: announcement), 発売はつばい (noun, suru verb: to sell) and 不発ふはつ (noun: misfire).

明 appears as the base of the adjective 明るいあかるい (bright). It’s the first character in 明日あした and the めい in 説明せつめい (noun, suru verb: explanation) and 明治めいじ (noun: the Meiji Era, 1868-1912).