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Word of the Day: Otokomae 男前

22 Feb

Persona 4 (PS2)

Word of the Day: 男前【おとこまえ】 (noun) handsome man.

Notes: 男 may stand by itself as おとこ (noun: man). It is the おとこ in 男気【おとこぎ】 (noun: chivalry), 男狂い【おとこぐるい】 (noun, suru verb: being wanton; chasing men), and the i-adjective 男らしい【おとこらしい】 (manly). ç”· is the だん in 男性【だんせい】 (noun: male) and the なん in 長男【ちょうなん】 (noun: one’s eldest son).

前 may be read by itself as まえ (in front of or before). It appears in compounds as varied as 午前【ごぜん】 (before noon; AM) and 建前【たてまえ】 (tatemae).