Word of the Day: Kerai 家来

17 Feb


Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou (SNES)

Word of the Day: 家来【けらい】 (noun) A follower, servant, vassal, retinue, etc.

Notes: 家, by itself, means “house” and can be read as 「いえ」 or 「うち」. It’s a part of compounds like 家族【かぞく】(noun: family), 家庭【かてい】(noun: home, family, household), and 画家【がか】(noun: painter). 来 is the base of the verb 来る【くる】(to come) and appears in compounds like 未来【みらい】(noun: the future), 以来【いらい】(temporal/adverbial noun: since, henceforth), and 来訪【らいほう】(noun, suru verb: to visit).

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