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Word of the Day: Buji 無事

18 Feb


Last Remnant (PC/Steam)

Word of the Day: 無事ぶじ (noun) Safety, peace, good health.

Notes: 無 is the root of the adjective 無いない, which expresses absence or negation. It can form words like 無数むすう(noun, no-/na- adjective: countless, uncountable, infinite), 無口むくち(noun, no-/na- adjective: reticent; taciturn), and 無地むじ(noun, no- adjective: plain).

事 may be read by itself as こと(thing). It appears in a large variety of common words, including 返事へんじ(noun, suru verb: reply), 事故じこ(noun: accident), and 火事かじ(noun: a fire).